Masterclass of the Canada-China International Film Festival

Date: September 20, 2016

On September 18, 2016, the Confucius institute in Quebec organized a master class in film in conjunction with CCIFF (Canada China International Film Festival). The festival had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Xie Fei, professor of the Beijing Academy of Cinema and renowned director, as well as Mr. Peter Rist, film critic and faculty at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University. These two experts in the field of film delivered an engaging lecture on film to more than 50 participants,

As one of the outstanding directors of the 4th generation of Chinese cinema, Mr. Xie Fei presented the development of the Chinese film industry after 1949 and the founding of the Beijing Academy of Cinema. Mr. Fei listed three well known directors as well as their seminal works as examples.

Professor Xie Fei believes that visual perception, artwork design and the realization of works of art are the 3 key skills that good directors must possess. Speaking of the development aspect of the film industry in China, Professor Xie Fei pointed out existing problems in the Chinese film market. For example, Mr. Fei pointed out that many filmmakers are overly concerned about commercial success and box office ratings. He stressed that it is important to continue to produce films that contemplate human nature and induce deep reflection.

Mr. Peter Rist is concerned with the development of Asian films, especially films from China. From a researcher’s point of view, he presented an analysis highlighting the positive aspects China’s film industry from an international standpoint. He also expressed his personal opinion on the aesthetics of cinema in Chinese films.

The Confucius Institute in Quebec wishes to implement more similar academic research activities in the future with a view to promote art and culture exchanges and grow artistic cooperation between Canada and the China.