Mid-Autumn Festival Chinese Music Global Concert 2021

Date: August 20, 2021

Hosted by Confucius Institute in Quebec, Canada

2021.09.20, 20:30 (EST)

2021.09.21, 8:30 (Beijing)

Director: Diane Gauvin:Diane Gauvin
Executive Director: Meng Rong
Artistic Director: Yang Li
Executive Producer: Beijing 50 Millimeter Media Co., Ltd
Secretary: Hui Wang
English translation: Xinnian Zheng
Poster design: Siqing Chen
Local promotion: Jun Lin

Participating artists, groups and hosts

Suzhou Chinese Orchestra
Wuxi Chinese Orchestra
Central Conservatory of Music
China Conservatory of Music, Caozi Chinese Music Ensemble
Taiwan Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra
Ding Yi Music Company
Trio En Trois Couleurs
BC Chinese Orchestra
Calgary Chinese Orchestra
Toronto Chinese Orchestra
Edmonton Chinese Philharmonica
Montreal Chinese Instrument Ensemble
BC Youth Chinese Orchestra
Concert Host: Fang Danqiong from Wuxi Radio and TV Station
English & French Hosts: Li Letu/Wan Juan (Canda)

Media Promotion Platforms

YouTube, Xinhua Net, China Daily, CCTV.com Xiaomi.OTT, Baidu News, Paper News, Tencent, Aiqiyi, Youku, PPTV, Sina, TCL, etc.

Special invited artists and groups

PANG Ka-Pang

A first-class Chinese conductor who receives a government allowance from the State Council, Maestro Pang Ka-Pang holds the post of Artistic Director and Principal Conductor at renowned orchestras such as the China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra and Principal Guest Conductor of internationally-acclaimed orchestras, such as the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine and the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg of Austria. He had conducted world-class orchestras for 13 consecutive years at the Wiener Musikverein, causing a sensation. In the words of critics, “Pang has the conducting style of both Seiji Ozawa and Riccardo Muti” and “has extraordinary talent and impeccable musicality, his conducting technique approaches perfection”.

In June 2017, Pang took the position of Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of the Suzhou Chinese Orchestra.

ZHU Changyao

National First Class Performer, celebrated erhu virtuoso, composer, Vice President of the China Erhu Association, Chairman of the Jiangsu Musicians Association, Artistic Advisor of the Steering Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Arts Group, Visiting Professor of various conservatories such as China Conservatory of Music, Nanjing University of the Arts. Described as “a world-class string master” and “a treasure to humankind”, Zhu Changyao has performed around the world to international acclaim at concerts in many countries, including the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Japan. In June 2017, Zhu Changyao took the position of Artistic Advisor of the Suzhou Chinese Orchestra.

SUZHOU Chinese Orchestra

The Suzhou Chinese Orchestra (SUCO) plays under the baton of Artistic Director and Principal Conductor, Maestro Pang Ka-Pang. Guided by its Artistic Advisor, renowned Erhu Virtuoso and composer Zhu Changyao, SUCO consists of over 90 accomplished performers, mostly graduates from top conservatories in China and abroad, including the Central Conservatory of Music, China Conservatory of Music and Shanghai Conservatory of Music. SUCO seeks to perfectly integrate traditional Chinese music into the international symphonic format, showcasing advanced artistic concepts and exquisite performance skills.

WUXI Chinese Orchestra

The Wuxi Chinese Orchestra, founded in 2020, is a young orchestra full of vitality. It is now under the baton of its founding Principal Guest Conductor, Maestro Tsung Yeh. Maestro Yeh currently conducts and directs a number of international and national-level orchestras such as the Singapore Chinese Orchestra and the South Bend Symphony Orchestra. Erhu virtuoso and pedagogue Deng Jiandong helms the orchestra as the Artistic Director while Huang Yanjia serves as the Resident Conductor of the orchestra.

Wuxi is a prominent city in Jiangnan (south of the Yangtze River) with a history of more than 3000 years. Well-known for its rich history in traditional Chinese instruments, especially the erhu, Wuxi is also known as the “cradle of the erhu”. The Wuxi Chinese Orchestra is dedicated to preserving and promoting the Jiangnan culture. With the vision of “pursuing fine art, superb skills, and high quality”, the mission of the orchestra is to invite top composers both at home and abroad to create works with a unique Wuxi style, thereby showcasing the elegant “voice of Taihu Lake” to the world.

HAO Yifan

Dr. Hao Yifan holds tenure as Professor of Pipa at the Central Conservatory of Music, and as Postgraduate Supervisor for masters and doctoral degree candidates. She is currently a member of the China Musicians Association and Executive Committee Member of the China Pipa Association. She studied under Professors Li Guangzu, Wang Fandi, and Lin Shicheng. She is now considered the third generation represent ative of the “Wang School” of pipa.


Huang Silin is a lecturer at the School of Music at Yangzhou University. She is a doctoral degree candidate at the Central Conservatory of Music in traditional Chinese music. Her supervisor is Professor Hao Yifan, the third generation successor of the “Wang School” of pipa. Huang has also received instruction from Prof. Li Guangzu in pipa performance.

FU Rao

Fu Rao began learning pipa at the tender age of 5 under the guidance of the pipa pedagogue Professor Hao Yifan. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in pipa performance from the Central Conservatory of Music. In 2010, Fu Rao received the “Excellence Award” in the first National Dunhuang Cup Pipa Competition. She was awarded the Gold Medal in the Pipa Solo Category and Pipa Ensemble Category in the 2014 Taiwan Qing-Yue Cup Cross-Strait Chinese Instrumental Music Competition. Fu Rao actively performs in concertos and solo recitals and has been featured in TV programs such as “Fenghua Guoyue” on the CCTV music channel.

GUO Xiaomeng

Guo Xiaomeng is a ruan performer in the Central Conservatory of Music Chinese Chamber Orchestra. She has studied ruan under Professor Xu Yang from the Central Conservatory of Music since her childhood. In 2008, she was admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music with the highest score. She was awarded the Silver Medal for Traditional Ensemble (Ruan) in the first ever CCTV National Instrumental Music Competition, the Gold Medal for Traditional Ensemble (Feicui Ensemble) in the second CCTV National Instrumental Music Competition, and the Silver Medal in the third USA Feiyang World Cup Traditional Chinese Instrument Music Competition, among other awards.

LI Bochan

Li Bochan lectures at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music Department of Composition. He is also currently pursuing his studies as doctoral degree candidate, supervised by Professor Zhou Xianglin. As a contemporary Chinese composer, he studied under esteemed composers such as Professor Guo Wenjing, Liu Changyuan and Ye Xiaogang.
Li’s numerous creative compositions are widely performed internationally to critical acclaim. He has won more than 30 awards in competitions both in China and internationally, including the annual award of the 8th Seattle Symphony Orchestra International Composition Competition, the laureate award for Symphony in the 12th Serbia International Composition Competition; the first prize of the 10th Italian Don Vincenzo Vitti International Composition Competition; the first prize in the American Julia Liu Scholarship Composition Competition.

LI Jia

Pipa performer, President of Caozi Music Ensemble, and Associate Professor of the China Conservatory of Music, Li Jia graduated with a doctoral degree under the supervision of Professor Liu Dehai, and is the first-ever Ph.D. in Pipa Performance to graduate in China. In 2012, she was named as one of “CCTV’s Top Ten Young Pipa Performers”. She has worked with numerous well-known composers and music groups, such as the Orchestre National de France, the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra, the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and the China Philharmonic Orchestra. Li Jia has also participated in various music festivals, including Presènces (France), the BBC Proms, and the Beijing International Music Festival.


Also known as the “Bowed-string Poet, Zhang Yitao is an erhu performer, music producer, and founder of the Caozi Music Ensemble. He was accepted by the Department of Traditional Chinese Music at the China Conservatory of Music with the highest scores in both undergraduate and graduate programs and studied under the supervision of Professor Liu Shun. His performances are delicate, elegant and full of tension, emphasizing on the linear qualities of the melody lines. Zhang’s performance actively integrates traditional musical idioms and styles into new age music. He has frequently been invited by the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China to perform in concerts in China and abroad. As a brilliant young talent with great ability and creativity, he has created dozens of works for CCTV programs and is dedicated to promoting traditional Chinese music internationally.

MENG Xiaojie

Meng Xiaojie is a Lecturer of Dizi Performance at the Harbin Conservatory of Music and the Principal Dizi of the Caozi Music Ensemble. She began studying with Wang Shaoping at the tender age of seven. After graduating from the China Conservatory of Music, she became the first female graduate to hold a doctoral degree in dizi performance. She studied with the dizi virtuoso Professor Zhang Jian and Professor Chen Yue, and Ph.D. advisor Professor Zhang Weiliang. Meng Xiaojie previously served as Principal Dizi in the Huaxia Traditional Music Orchestra of China Conservatory of Music. She has also published papers in CSSCI journals and recorded several albums.

WANG Shuai

Lecturer of Guzheng Performance in the Department of Chinese Music at the Wuhan Conservatory of Music and Principal Guzheng in the Caozi Music Ensemble. He studied under Professor Wang Zhongshan and obtained his master’s degree in guzheng performance . He has recorded for several CCTV programs and has participated in guzheng-related scientific research projects led by his supervisor Professor Wang Zhongshan. Wang Shuai also participates actively in the editing and revising the syllabus for the guzheng amateur grading examinations published by the Chinese Musicians Association.

CAOZI Music Ensemble

The Caozi Music Ensemble is a Chinese chamber orchestra that works on bringing together light music, new age, and traditional Chinese music. The Caozi Music Ensemble has participated in several recordings of CCTV traditional music programs. Known for its high levels of virtuosity and artistic performance, the Caozi Music Ensemble initiated the concept of “urban folk music,” which can be expressed in rich and diverse forms with various music styles and techniques.

CHEN, Chih-Sheng

One of the most prominent conductors in Taiwan, Chih-Sheng Chen founded the Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra (gCO) in 2000. Acting as the artistic director and conductor, Chen has produced/conducted close to one thousand concerts. He is also active on the international stage, crossing between the disciplines of Chinese music, cross-cultural music, and Western contemporary music, and in both orchestral and chamber music settings. In addition, Chen gives lectures and master classes on arts administration, ensemble training, and orchestral development. Chen holds a master’s degree and a Ph.D in . His solid musical trainings and his science background all contribute to his success in building and managing one of the largest and most active Chinese orchestras in the world.

WANG Chen Wei

Composer-in-residence of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. For his many
contributions to the music scene, he was conferred the Young Outstanding
Singaporean Award in 2011. Over the years, he has also composed several works with distinctive Singaporean flavor such as “Confluence”, which has garnered him regional acclaim and recognition.

DING YI Music Company

Established in 2007, Ding Yi Music Company is one of Singapore’s most prodigious Chinese chamber music ensemble. The orchestra aims to promote Chinese Chamber Music in Singapore by performing traditional Chinese music and cross-genre modern works. The ensemble has held two major international music events, the Ding Yi Chinese Chamber Music Festival and the composition competition and symposium–Composium. Ever since its founding, Ding Yi has collaborated with prominent Chinese musicians, such as Min Huifen, Lu Chunling, Gong Yi and Feng Shaoxian. It has also successfully premiered many excellent Chinese chamber music works created by composers in China and abroad.

Jon Lin Chua

Composer-in residence of the Toronto Chinese Orchestra, Jon Lin Chua currently lectures in the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music at the National University of Singapore. She graduated with the highest honor from the Eastman School of Music (double degree in Composition and Music Theory) and was the recipient of the Presser Scholarship. She has composed in diverse styles and is proficient in both Chinese and Western music. Her works have been performed in many concerts internationally, including in the United States, Canada, Singapore, China and South Korea. In honour of the 100th anniversary of the Eastman School of Music, Jon Lin was commissioned by her alma mater to present her composition featuring the award-winning American mezzo-soprano Katherine Ciesinski and American violinist Renée Jolles.

TRIO En Trois Couleurs

Three of Canada’s greatest musicians/composers came together for the first time as a trio to undertake an ambitious project: Trio En Trois Couleurs. It was the celebrated solo percussionist Marie-Josée Simard who had the idea of joining with François Bourassa and Yves Léveillé, two very talented jazz pianists, to form a percussion-and-pianos combination. The trio set off together to explore some of the highways and byways of contemporary classical music, jazz, and improvisation, sometimes flavored by world music.

FANG Danqiong

Fang Danqiong is a host at the Wuxi Radio and TV Station. She is the anchor of the “60 Minutes Tonight” newscast of the Wuxi Radio and TV Station and hosts many significant ceremonies and events in the city of Wuxi. Since 2011, she has been named to the list of “Top Ten Hosts” of Wuxi Radio and TV Station and received many awards for hosting galas and events in Wuxi and Jiangsu province. Fang Danqiong won the first prize for the “Golden Phoenix Award” in Jiangsu province and was nominated to receive the National “Golden Microphone Award”.

LI Letu , WAN Juan

Li Letu (left), and Wan Juan (right) are former members of the Golden Sail Peking Opera Society of Affiliated Primary School of Peking University. In 2018, they moved to Montreal, Canada, and took part in competitive swimming. In 2021, As elementary school graduates, they both received “Headmaster Awards”. They are good at 3D modeling and love to give speeches in Chinese, English and French.

Enjoy the show!